Orginal hand-sketched patterns, functional designs, timeless natural materials


Products that narrate boundless stories 


We design little and not so little things to pump a bit of colour and fun into your space!

With hand-sketched patterns and functional designs made from timeless natural materials

For those who want to create chilled yet 

                 elegantly bold homes.

Velvet Cushions!


Woven Cushions!

We create products that narrate boundless stories, and we love telling these stories through geometry, colours, and textures … the shapes infusion with colours intrigues our curiosity and imagination. Allowing each one of us to draw a personal interpretation and connection to the pattern design. 

With the attempt of making home accessories equally beautiful and meaningful.

Our take on design

Storage: Trays & small boxes

Gift Ideas


We draw our inspiration from the Islamic pattern art. This abstract art focuses on portraying the meaning and essence of things, rather than their physical depiction. 

The designer does not attempt to replicate the subject matter in a realism fashion but tries to convey what it represents and the emotions it conveys.

Abstract storytelling

Tote & wash bags

Tea towels 

Plant pot covers

Custommade Projucts

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