khashab means wood in Arabic, and for us it is the story and history of which only a rustic and salvaged wooden piece can narrate to our imagination.

When ever we can, we try to extend the life-cycle of old discarded wood, by giving birth to new products using it. The endless possibilities and the ability to see the beauty in what is supposed to be old or scrap; and the absolute creativity in envisioning the potential of such material, embracing its imperfections and creating something beautiful and functional out of it is what we believe in.

We produce handmade up-cycled furniture and art pieces that are inspired from the middle-eastern art, with minimalist and articulate forms, fitting into our modern minimalistic lifestyle and small spaces.


The idea sparked in late 2013 with the founder's - Miaser Al-Habori growing passion and interest in learning about environmental sustainability, and applying it through designs that can serve in developing sustainable systems, and products. With her interest in up-cycling and obsession with rustic and aged wood she started designing and up-cycling furniture items for her home, simply as a DIY hobby!


In early 2015 she took the first steps into promoting khashab designs via social media and things took a different turn from that point, what began as a hobby started evolving into a business idea, allowing it grow into a social enterprise and reach it true potential.

The founder's background and experience in architecture design enabled her to materials design ideas into detailed sketches and build them from scratch. Spending time experimenting with tools, different designs, and sourcing old salvaged wood we began developing khashab’s unique style in up-cycling and repurposing that is inspired from the middle-eastern art with a modern twist, focusing on creating items that are equally multi-functional and aesthetic, fitting into our modern minimalist life style and small spaces.

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We are so thrilled with our new display shelves, thank you.


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